Filipino Lawyers who become citizens of other countries

A Filipino lawyer who becomes a citizen of another country is automatically NO LONGER a member of the Philippine bar and is thus PROHIBITED from practicing Philippine law within or outside the Philippines, or to practice law in the Philippines, or even to provide legal advice on Philippine law within or outside the Philippines. Otherwise, he/she is engaging in illegal practice of law.

“Filipino citizenship is a requirement for admission to the bar and is, in fact, a continuing requirement for the practice of law. The loss thereof means termination of the petitioner’s membership in the bar; ipso jure the privilege to engage in the practice of law.” (Bar Matter 2112, Supreme Court of the Philippines, July 24, 2012)

Any person who engages in illegal practice of law in the Philippines can be charged with Indirect Contempt (Sec. 3e, Rule 71, Rules of Court).

To report illegal practice of law or verify whether a person is a legitimate member of the Philippine Bar, contact: Public Information Office, Supreme Court of the Philippines, 3rd Floor, New Supreme Court Building Annex, Padre Faura St., Ermita, 1000 Manila Philippines, Telephone (02) 5225090 to 94, Telefax (02) 526-8129, Email